Cove Around The World

Cove Around The World

At the Cove, we like to make sure there is plenty of variety in our dishes. When you come to dine with us, we’d like you to feel like you have a world of choices. That’s why our menu takes global inspiration. Read on to hear a little more about Cove Around The World.

patatas bravas

These deliciously seasoned potato cubes originated in 1950 in Madrid, Spain. The popular patatas were served with a spicy tomato sauce for a bit of Mediterranean kick. Nowadays, the aptly named ‘Patatas Bravas’ (spicy potatoes) is a staple at Spanish tapas bars across the board. 

Moroccan spiced chicken skewers

Morocco has a rich history with a plethora of people, culture and tradition. Because of this variety, a unique culinary identity was born. Barbecuing was a notion brought by the Turkish, where the iconic Moroccan spices were influenced by Arabic cuisine. These chicken skewers represent all of the diversity Morocco offers.


When you imagine Thai cuisine, you think of fragrant coriander, refreshing lemongrass, tangy fish sauce and that kick of red chilli. Thailand’s flavours are distinctive. Find yourself transported to a beach on Koh Samui with our delicious Sticky Thai Ribs.


‘Aha,’ you’re thinking, ‘they saved the British dish ’til last’. Well maybe not. Our famous fish ’n’ chips that feels as British as the royals may not have started on our soil. In New Zealand, the locals are determined that they came up with the famous foodie partnership. As far as the UK is concerned, we took a little inspiration from the fried fish of Israel and the potatoes of Belgium and created our own magical combination. Just don’t try to tell the Kiwis!

Keep your eyes peeled for more exotic dishes on our menu. We’re forever diversifying and keeping our offerings fresh and interesting. Thanks for reading about Cove Around The World!

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